First Responders

Huntsville, Al

Challenge Start Date

May 2, 2016

Registration Deadline


Submission Deadline

May 3, 2016

Demo Day

May 3, 2016

Winners & Highlight Video


Team Mobile Damage Assessment


Micah Cleveland and Larry Wilbourn

Our planet is drastically changing but we do not notice these changes since they occur in small increments. VIV is a data visualization tool which displays the changes in key variables that affect our climate, with a time series viewing mode allowing users to see how these variables change and make comparisons between data sets to view trends. With this data we can make decisions on energy conservation initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint and see the impact that is made.

Grand Prize
+ Mentoring from a local Venture Capitalist, and opportunity to pitch to VCs later in Innovate Huntsville Week.
1st Runner Up
$500 +
1 Year Adobe CC Subscription
Best Use of Mapbox
Samsung VR Goggle, Mobile Phone, and Headset

About this event

We are interested in working with participants to identify and create new, interactive and efficient ways of reading, disseminating, and analyzing tons of data from disparate systems. We highly encourage leveraging open source tools and other software solutions participants bring to the table. This hackathon is not just for those entrenched in the geo world! We’re interested in everything from new mapping interfaces, mobile solutions, light-weight and portable information dashboards, hardware integrations with commercial off-the-shelf tools like sensors and UAVs and everything in between!


May 2, 2016

8:00 AM – Doors Open, Breakfast Served

9:00 AM – Opening Ceremony

10:00 AM – Hacking Begins

11:00 AM – Lunch - Caliente Food Truck

1:30 PM – Technology Breakout Sessions

6:00 PM – Dinner Served

8:00 PM – Pitch Workshop

11:30 PM – Midnight Snack

12:00 AM – Hack through the night!

May 3, 2016

8:00 AM – Breakfast

11:00 AM – Lunch - I love Bacon Food Truck

2:00 PM – Code Freeze/Hacking Ends!

3:00 PM – Live Demos Begin!

4:30 PM – Winners Announced

5:45 PM – Innovate Huntsville meetup Happy Hour / Social at Lone Goose Saloon



Projects will be judged based on the following criteria:


Tools, Data, & IP Rights

Participants are allowed to use the open source tools provided by NGA’s GitHub site in addition to other commercially known open source tools. Participants are also encouraged to use their own proprietary solutions to develop creative and efficient products. If you are representing a company, your company’s proprietary software assets are also allowed to be used with the appropriate permission within your organization. Please reference the Terms and Conditions data to confirm that all IP rights remain with the participant and/or the organization they are representing.

All participants must agree to the terms and conditions.


If you have any inquiries about participating in this competition, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at