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What are ExpeditionHacks events?
Blue Clarity, LLC has created a series of hackathon events in tech hubs throughout the U.S. to help inspire innovative solutions to common problems, expose crucial data, engage with niche capabilities and technological enhancements. The intended outcomes are to engage the developer and entrepreneur communities, uncover viable solutions that can assist public and private partnerships to tap into a huge pool of passionate developers.

What is a hackathon?
A hackathon is an event in which computer programmers and others involved in software development, including graphic designers, interface designers and thought leaders, collaborate on software & hardware projects. Competitors work intensively, competing to present the best solution in a given time frame. Participants attend to compete, learn,and network with like-minded individuals and potential employers.

Why should I be a sponsor of #ExpeditionHacks?
Sponsoring a hackathon is a great way to get access to the top IT and technical talent. Hackathons are quickly replacing career fairs and other traditional methods of recruiting and marketing. The next generation of software engineers and entrepreneurs are coming to hackathons to have fun, compete for prizes, and learn new skills. #ExpeditionHacks events often have a social impact angle, allowing sponsors to accomplish recruiting and marketing objectives while also demonstrating corporate social responsibility.

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Benefits for Sponsors


Our attendees are all about trying new things. Our hackathons offer you a crowd of fresh and new potential users and buyers to help promote and market your products to individuals who are likely to use them in the future and will spread the word.

Some of the best and brightest IT innovators and entrepreneurs attend our hackathons. This presents a hands-on opportunity to see potential recruits in action, and provides the platform to network and interact before entering a formal hiring process.

Expose your company’s brand and capabilities to potential buyers, in addition to the tech and developer communities that participate in our events. Show off your company’s technical side, and meet some of tomorrow’s emerging tech leaders.

Our past sponsors include large commercial companies, government agencies, academic institutions and independent IT firms interested in using their research, products, data analysis and influence for the greater good. Come help make a difference in our community!